What a game!

Dad & Drew - Rangers game Catalannato

Drew and I went to the Rangers-Cubs game yesterday with Greg Lunday, a good friend. The Rangers pulled it out in the bottom of the 9th, winning 6-5. We had lots of fun. More photos can be seen here. I also snapped a photo at the right time and caught the game winning hit (above). Click the thumbnails above to see larger photos.


Track meet #2!

Wow. We had another track meet this weekend. It was our home meet here in McGregor and I think it was an even bigger meet than the week before in Whitney. Andrew ran and won the 800m again. You can see the video above–watch for the kid in the gray shirt, black shorts, and black headband.

He ran well in the 100m too! Photos of the 100m can be seen in this photo album. As you can see from the photos, he runs with intensity!

We won a game!

My little league team finally won a game! Everyone started hitting and we won 15-7 against a team from Eddy who beat us by 1 run the first time we played. Andrew was 3-for-4 and hit 3 balls to the fence, getting two homeruns and a triple. The one time he was called out was on a ground ball to the first baseman. It was a close race to the bag. I thought he was safe, but he was called out on a very close play. At least he mowed down the first baseman! He plays aggressively, which I think he gets from his grandad. 🙂

I bought a new domain…

I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a new domain–something a little shorter than davidtaylorfamily.com. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a shorter email address. Anyway, I tried about a million different things, and finally purchased “dtfam.com”. I haven’t decided whether or not to completely switch over at this time, but it IS working. If you go to www.dtfam.com it will redirect to this site. I have it set up as an alias domain with my Google Apps services, so if you send email to david@dtfam.com or amy@dtfam.com it will come to our same inbox as our current email addresses.

I’ll post another message if you should change your contact information for us over to the new domain. Like I said–I still haven’t decided. Regardless, I will likely keep both domains for several years if not forever.