Founder’s Day 2007


We had fun at McGregor’s annual Founder’s Day celebration. Andrew won the kid’s 1K race. I judged some eating contests. I’ve got to decline judging the bean competition next year. The after effects were truly horrendous.

Here are some more photos of Andrew running:
Starting line
Just starting
Near the finish line


Ron Paul 2008

Ron Paul Cropped

I decided to go ahead a write a post in case you haven’t noticed the little box on the right side of my website. I’m supporting Ron Paul for president in 2008. Want to know why?

  • He is a true fiscal conservative who believes in reducing spending and taxes.
  • He is a strict interpreter of the constitution and believes the government should be run according to the constitution.
  • He is against big government.
  • He is against the war in Iraq and is one of the few Republicans to vote against going to war in Iraq.
  • He has a very strong non-interventionist foreign policy.

More information can be found on the official Ron Paul 2008 website as well as this Wikipedia entry detailing his political positions. If you’ve not seen Ron Paul speak, you can click here for clips of him from the first GOP presidential debate.

Added on 9/20/2007: Another ringing endorsement…and the reasons for it!

Added on 9/24/2007: Switch to Ron Paul


Baylor stunk it up in the 27-0 loss, but we still had fun. My dad enjoyed the TCU victory, but since he drove AND paid $200 for all 4 tickets, I guess he deserves to savor it. One thing I did learn is that having a stadium on campus really makes for an awesome pre-game experience. It was lots of fun. I just hope Baylor shows up against Rice this coming weekend. Sic ’em Bears!