McGregor Elementary Field Day 2008

Andrew had a blast. First he ran anchor leg on their 440 yard relay team. They were way behind, but he did a good job catching at least one kid. See the pics:

Relay 1, pic 1

Relay 1, pic 2

Relay 1, pic 3

Relay 1, pic 4 (my favorite)

Then he ran the 75 yard dash and won. Here is the video (watch the yellow shirt):

Here are some photos:

75 yard dash, pic 1

75 yard dash, pic 2

75 yard dash, pic 3

75 yard dash, pic 4

75 yard dash, pic 5

Then he ran 3rd leg (next to last) on the 220 yard relay. Got got the baton in dead last but was able to move them up to 2nd. Here is the video (yellow shirt):

Then he competed in and won the long jump. He jumped 12′ 2”. Pics:

Long jump, pic 1

Long jump, pic 2

Long jump, pic 3

Their class competed in the tug-o-war too. I love this shot:


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