Andrew had a really good game!

We played our first regular season pee wee football game this morning in Troy.  Our first two games were “practice” games and didn’t count on our record.  In this morning’s game Andrew returned two punts–each for about 40 yards.  He scored on the second one as you can see in the video below:

They had never even practiced fielding punts–none of the other teams punt the ball as far as we know.  Since Andrew was playing safety I think that’s why he lucked into returning the punts.  He fielded them both cleanly and knew what to do with it once he got it!

On defense he was playing safety and stepped in front of a pass, picked it off, and ran it back for ANOTHER touchdown.  He was pretty fired up.  He also made several really good tackles on special teams. Unfortunately, I did not catch the INT on tape.  We won the game handily and Andrew was named the MVP.


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