10-18-2008 Football vs. Belton

Drew had a good game.  He made some good tackles and even recovered an inadvertent onside kick.  Click the photo above to go to the photo album. We were down 0-2 at halftime but came back to win 14-8.

My commentary on the game:

  • Despite Drew and James moving the ball up and down the field last week as running backs, neither played running back this game.  We couldn’t move the ball consistently and had too many turnovers.  I’m not sure of the thought process behind the lineup.
  • We scored on a couple of reverses but had very little in the way of offense overall.
  • We rely too much on those types of plays–our safety resulted from a reverse run from inside our own 5 yard line.  Go figure.
  • We played good defense–the guy that coaches our defense (my shout out to Coach Patterson) is the best coach out there.  He really explains things well to the kids.
  • If the other team hadn’t had 2 TDs called back we would’ve lost.
  • But the bottom line is that the kids had fun and we won the game.

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