Moody Track Meet Results

Rachel collected two more gold medals this past Friday night at the Moody track meet.  Despite 50 degree weather and 30mph winds, she lowered he personal best in the 2400m (~ 1.5 mile) to 10:15.  She finished about 250m ahead of second place.  For the record, I must’ve made a typo when I wrote that her time last week was a 10:06.  I believe it was a 10:16.

In the 1600m they decided to run the 7th and 8th grade girls together.  She got first out of the 7th graders finished second overall to McGregor’s top 8th grade miler!

Way to go Rachel!  Next week is the district meet.


2 gold medals at the McGregor meet!

Rachel won both of her races in the McGregor track meet which earned 20 points for the 7th grade girls team.  She ran a 10:06 10:16 in the 2400 (~ 1.5 miles) and 6:23 in the 1600m (~ 1 mile).   I thought her times were great–she ran her best times of the season in both races!  Second place wasn’t even close in either event.   GO RACHEL!  Amy took some pictures–I’ll try to post one later.

Little Dribblers wrap-up

First, a disclaimer: this is the Taylor family website.  I’m assuming that people reading it want to hear about our family.  I’m not necessarily bragging on my son, but that *is* kind of the purpose of this site.  🙂  If you had a kid on the team don’t take this post out of context.  I’m just a proud dad.

I was going over some of the numbers for our team and game.  Here are some things that jumped out at me:

  • We averaged 14.2 points in our 5 games.  We finished 4-1.
  • Andrew scored 37 points this season which averages to 7.4 points over those 5 games.  In other words, he scored over half our points.
  • Andrew also averaged 5.6 rebounds.