Wow. We’re 5-2!

May 27, 2009

We moved to 5-2 on the season with last night’s 5-4 win at Bruceville-Eddy.  Drew didn’t have a good game at the plate (0-3), but he played well in the field.  We don’t play again until next Tuesday.

Baseball update: 4 game winning streak

May 23, 2009

We won 9-4 last night against one of the teams from Troy.  We’ve got a 4-2 record now.  Andrew had a nice game.  See a video of his hit below:

Rachel’s birthday present

May 23, 2009


Rachel wanted to go on the “Wild Cave Tour” at Inner Space Cavern for her birthday gift.  Wow.  It was grueling and claustrophobic, but she loved it.  It is an experience I will not forget.  The photos don’t begin to show how tight some of the crawl spaces were.  It was insane.

Click here for photos.

Baseball update: Over .500

May 21, 2009

After starting off 0-2, we are now at 3-2.  We won 5-4.  Andrew was 1-2 with walk and a run scored.  He singled up the middle and then stole around to 3rd base before the fist inning was over.  After he walked in the 3rd inning he stole around and eventually got home after getting in a rundown (on purpose).

Baseball update. We’re at .500

May 12, 2009

After dropping our first 2 games, we won this past Friday and again tonight to move to 2-2.  Andrew got a nice single tonight and ended up stealing around the bases to score later that inning.

2nd game

May 5, 2009

Well, we lost our second game 14-2 against what is sure to be the best team in our league.  I thought we played better than in the first game, but this team was *really* good.  Andrew played well in the field and had a nice base hit (video below).

Opening Day!

May 4, 2009

Well, we lost 9-3 but we played OK.  As far as I can recall (and I asked the coach about it too), our team had ZERO hits in the game.  Andrew was 0-2 with a walk.  We played pretty well in the field despite having 9 runs hung on us.  Andrew started the game at short stop and then moved over to first base when our first baseman pitched.  Drew made quite a few routine plays and made an AWESOME sliding basket-catch for a foul ball when he was playing first.  It was sweet.

Here are some pics from the day: