2nd game

Well, we lost our second game 14-2 against what is sure to be the best team in our league.  I thought we played better than in the first game, but this team was *really* good.  Andrew played well in the field and had a nice base hit (video below).

Opening Day!

Well, we lost 9-3 but we played OK.  As far as I can recall (and I asked the coach about it too), our team had ZERO hits in the game.  Andrew was 0-2 with a walk.  We played pretty well in the field despite having 9 runs hung on us.  Andrew started the game at short stop and then moved over to first base when our first baseman pitched.  Drew made quite a few routine plays and made an AWESOME sliding basket-catch for a foul ball when he was playing first.  It was sweet.

Here are some pics from the day: