Family vacation photos


We had a great time at the beach.  Here are some photos we took:

Padre Island ’09


YES! We beat the other McGregor team to move to 9-3!

We won a hard fought, come-from-behind victory over the other McGregor team tonight 12-11.  The team played great.  Unfortunately, about half the opposing kids refused to shake our kids’ hands.  Coach and parents: if you are reading this you need to foster better sportsmanship in your kids.  That’s one of the lessons they need to learn at this age.

2009 NCAA Track & Field Championships


How cool is this?  We ran into Jeremy Wariner by the pool at our hotel.  We interrupted his dinner of Chick-fil-A to get a picture.  He was super nice.  I’ll post more pics of the meet later, but I just had to get this out on the website.

Here is the photo album.  I’ll be adding more after today’s races:

2009 NCAA Championships Photo Album

Update (6/14/09): I’ve posted all of the photos.  The link above will get you to them.