Baseball season wrap-up

After battling all the way through the losers’ bracket to get to the championship, we lost 3-2.  It was a tight game that we were capable of winning.  As a team we probably could’ve hit the ball better.  We had some really bad calls go against us too.  In one instance the  umpire behind the plate overruled a call by the man who was right on top of the action at second base.  That was disheartening and led to their two runs.  But hey–that is baseball.  Andrew had a blast playing with this team.  It really brought the level of his play up to play with players like this.  Andrew made friends with lots of the guys on the team, and the coach–Jimmy Ward–was a class act.  Andrew really enjoyed playing for him.  I’d love to see Drew get a chance to play with these guys again at some point.

Here are some pictures after the game of the kids getting their second place trophies.


Summer track / baseball update

In case you were wondering, we dropped out of summer track.  Drew was running REALLY well, but he got picked up by the first place baseball team for the playoffs.  I told him he could only do one so he chose baseball.  Considering he will be going right into football after baseball is over, I really didn’t want him doing track on top of it all.

Our first playoff game is tonight.  Stay tuned for news.

Baseball playoffs

Congratulations to Danny Taylor’s team.  After we tied with them for 2nd place during the regular season, they won the rubber match and are advancing to the playoffs along with the first place team from Moody.  They beat us 2 of 3 times this year and were the better team.  They played well and deserve to go to the playoffs.

On the bright side, Andrew and 2 of his teammates were picked up by the first place Moody team for the playoffs.  This is an outstanding team that I think has a shot at winning state.  It could be a fun ride for the next few weeks.