Sears sucks!

Ok.  They have some good tools and appliances, but do you want to know why I think the store sucks?  I purchased 3 items today and had to be rung up 3 different times–at two different registers!  Let me explain.

We went to purchase a mini refrigerator and a microwave for Amy’s classroom.  While walking into the store I saw a t-shirt on clearance for $5 that I liked so I picked it up.  We went upstairs and tried to purchase everything.  First, the salesman explained that he had to ring up the refrigerator and microwave on separate tickets because they were in different departments (despite the fact that they were sitting right next to each other).  Fine.  Whatever.  He rang up the refrigerator, I gave him my card and we paid for it.  Then he rang up the microwave.  He attempted (for 5 minutes) to ring up the t-shirt but could never get it to scan.  Whether that was his fault or not I have no idea.  He finally asked if we would mind going downstairs to purchase the shirt.  So I had to go downstairs and stand in ANOTHER line.

In summary, TO PURCHASE THREE ITEMS AT SEARS I HAD TO CHECK OUT THREE SEPARATE TIMES!  No wonder Walmart is eating their lunch.  It is sad, but a store that used to be customer-focused has lost its way.


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