Warning when cloning a hard drive

I ran into a little tech puzzler this weekend.  I’m simply documenting it on my website both for me (in case in happens again in the future) and for anyone else who might have the same obscure issue.  I found the solution elsewhere and will link to it here.

Basically, I got a new 500GB IDE (PATA) drive to replace my old 160GB.  I used a USB/IDE cable and cloning software (in my case, Apricorn) to clone the old hard drive onto the new drive.  Once I did that I simply swapped the drives and it worked.  However, the next morning I had a nasty BSOD (blue screen of death for the uninitiated): BAD_POOL_HEADER Stop: 0x00000019.  Yeah.  Nasty.

I did many of your basic things any good nerd would do: ran defrag, checkdisk, made sure all firmware and controller software was up to date, etc.  Nothing helped.  Then I came across the link above and that fixed it.  Whew.

In a nutshell, cloned drive still keep around some old info about the old hard drive.  I use MozyHome to do backups and apparently as part of that process a volume shadow copy snapshot is made.  When I initiated a backup it BSOD’d.  Yep, that was the culprit.  Luckily, the fix outlined in the link above worked perfectly.  It involved going into Device Manager, telling it to Show Hidden Devices, and then deleting all of the Storage Volume items.  Windows will recreate them after a couple of reboots.

I’m just posting this here in the hopes that someone might find it useful when googling around trying to figure out a similar problem.

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