2009-10 McGregor Mirror Bowl Game Pick ‘Em Contest!

I wanted to make these forms available online to anyone who might be interested. You do not have to live in McGregor or be a McGregor Mirror subscriber to enter.  ANYONE can enter. The winner gets his/her photo in the paper, bragging rights for a year and a free 1-year subscription to the McGregor Mirror.

All entries must be postmarked by December 19 (the mailing address is on the form). You can also drop them by the McGregor Mirror offices. Or if you download and update the Excel version below you can just email it to me at david@davidtaylorfamily.com and I’ll print it out and give it to the contest director (i.e. my old man).

Here are both the PDF and Excel versions of the entry form:

2009-10 Entry Form (PDF)

2009-10 Entry Form (XLS)


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