First baseball tournament of the season

We had our first select tournament of the season and I thought our team did really well.  We had not played a game together and went up against teams who have been together for years.  The top team had already played 30 games just this calendar year!  We won our first game against a team out of the DFW area.  We lost our second game to a team made up of Midway kids.  It was a close game.  We got down 12-2 and came roaring back to tie the game.  Unfortunately, we ended up losing 15-12.  On day 2 we lost both of our games, but competed very well.

Here are Andrew’s particulars:

Game 1: 1-for-2, with a nice line drive to right field.

Game 2: 1-for-3

Game 3: 1-for-2, and his hit was an RBI single bunt. Yes, they had him lay down a bunt with a runner on 3rd and he legged out the throw.  The runner scored. I think that was my favorite AB of the weekend.  He also stole second and then scored on a double by the next batter (Devon Patterson).

Game 4: 0-for-0. He only got to the plate once and walked.

Defensively, he played CF most of the tournament and made plays on the balls hit to him, although there wasn’t that much action in CF for whatever reason.  He played 2 innings at 3rd base in Game 4 and did really well.  In fact, he turned a double play!  With a runner on 3rd and 1 out, he got a hopper right down the line.  He took a couple of steps forward, snagged it just inside fair territory, tagged the runner who had been leading off, and then gunned the batter out at first base.  It was pretty sweet.  We lost the game, but the team did very well overall.

If you are into stats, Drew’s batting average through 4 games is .429.

Next week’s tournament in Temple did not get enough entrants in our division so we will be traveling to Round Rock.


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