Another bad eBay seller: harry1543

I’m really having a bad run of luck on eBay!  I just won an item at auction last week from harry1543 ( and immediately paid via PayPal. I received an eBay message from the seller on Sunday and he told me that it sold too cheaply. He also got sort of nasty saying that he had tried to call twice on Friday and that I had hung up on him. A direct quote:

“a word of advise ; you should have not hung up on me ”

Sounds ominous, eh?  Anyway, I checked my call logs and he called twice on Friday when no one was home and hung up. He did not leave a voicemail.  No one hung up on him.

Anyway, *I* called *HIM* on Sunday and he said that he had made a mistake by not putting a reserve on his auction.  He then tried to get me to pay more money for the item that I’d just won.  I told him I wasn’t interested and to refund my money.  To his credit, he refunded me within a couple of hours.  Regardless, it was a hassle.  I would avoid doing business with harry1543 (


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