I’ve gone ahead and created a website for Andrew and our recruiting effort on his behalf. You can see it here:


I have links to his different profiles, videos, photos, listed accomplishments, etc. I’ve decided that if his goal is to play D1 football, this is the very least I can do to help him.


8th Grade Basketball District Champs


Andrew’s class is a really special class.  After winning district in track this past spring, they won district in football.  This past weekend they made it three in a row by winning our district basketball tournament. They beat Clifton 37-16, Troy 38-36 and Bruceville-Eddy 32-26.  They really came together as a team and it was fun to watch. Unselfish play will win ballgames. Here is a video of tournament highlights that I made:

Andrew’s first junior high football game

After sitting out all of last season with a broken clavicle, Andrew finally got to play in a junior high football game this past Thursday.  It was a fun game as McGregor beat Reicher 43-8.  Andrew had a couple of TDs and played really well.  He had 126 yards receiving and split time at QB. Here are some of his highlights: