Sears sucks!

August 9, 2009

Ok.  They have some good tools and appliances, but do you want to know why I think the store sucks?  I purchased 3 items today and had to be rung up 3 different times–at two different registers!  Let me explain.

We went to purchase a mini refrigerator and a microwave for Amy’s classroom.  While walking into the store I saw a t-shirt on clearance for $5 that I liked so I picked it up.  We went upstairs and tried to purchase everything.  First, the salesman explained that he had to ring up the refrigerator and microwave on separate tickets because they were in different departments (despite the fact that they were sitting right next to each other).  Fine.  Whatever.  He rang up the refrigerator, I gave him my card and we paid for it.  Then he rang up the microwave.  He attempted (for 5 minutes) to ring up the t-shirt but could never get it to scan.  Whether that was his fault or not I have no idea.  He finally asked if we would mind going downstairs to purchase the shirt.  So I had to go downstairs and stand in ANOTHER line.

In summary, TO PURCHASE THREE ITEMS AT SEARS I HAD TO CHECK OUT THREE SEPARATE TIMES!  No wonder Walmart is eating their lunch.  It is sad, but a store that used to be customer-focused has lost its way.


Countdown to Baylor football!

July 17, 2009

2009 NCAA Track & Field Championships

June 13, 2009


How cool is this?  We ran into Jeremy Wariner by the pool at our hotel.  We interrupted his dinner of Chick-fil-A to get a picture.  He was super nice.  I’ll post more pics of the meet later, but I just had to get this out on the website.

Here is the photo album.  I’ll be adding more after today’s races:

2009 NCAA Championships Photo Album

Update (6/14/09): I’ve posted all of the photos.  The link above will get you to them.

Merry Christmas 2008 from the Taylors!

December 4, 2008


Click HERE for our Christmas card!

David Taylor over the decades…

September 5, 2008

I just discovered and it is so cool.  Basically, you upload a photo and then you can scroll through decaded to see how you might have looked.  Here are some of the better ones of me.  Hover your mouse over the photo to see the year, click on it to see a larger version.

McGregor and SpaceX mentioned in the New York Times

August 4, 2008

Launch of Private Rocket Fails; Three Satellites Were Onboard

It sounds negative from the title, but it actually puts a fairly positive spin on it and how difficult it is to break into the private space/rocket market.

Las Vegas 2008

July 18, 2008

Amy and I just got back from our first trip to Las Vegas and it was OUTSTANDING!  I had to go for a conference and Amy ended up going with me.  We saw Phantom of the Opera as well as one of the Cirque du Soleil shows.  Both were amazing.  We stayed at The Palazzo which is the newest part of the Venetian resort.  The suites were incredible!

We both went to Vegas not knowing what to expect and not necessarily thinking that we would enjoy it all that much, but it was GREAT and we would love to go back!

The presentation at the conference went smoothly and was well-received.

All photos can be seen here. (There is also a link under “Photo Albums”)