Favorite Tools

I often get asked about some of my favorite free tools, so I decided to start this list. I’ll add to it as I see fit. Click the icons below to check out the software.

Anti-Virus Software:

Anti-Spyware Software:

or both anti-spyware/virus in one piece of software:


Free online file storage:

Instant Messaging (multi-platform):
(if you have plenty of RAM)
(if you are short on RAM)

Music/Media Playback:

Sound Recording/Editing:

Photo Viewing/Editing:

Advanced Photo Editing:

SyncBack Freeware (from 2BrightSparks)


rocketdock-150x150 RocketDock (great dock/launcher very similar to the Mac OS X dock)

evernoteEvernote (Great for taking notes, journaling, etc. Syncs to their website so it is available anywhere!)

WinDirStat (shows where your disk space is being used up–very handy!)

2 Responses to Favorite Tools

  1. Lee Murray says:


    What do you recommend for a blogging site? Any particular site better than another?

    Also, who designed your website?

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